About us

O nama

JACQUARD d.o.o. was founded in 1984 with headquarters in Zagreb as a small family business.

Today, we are expanding our product range and keeping up with market demands, with about thirty employees. Many years experience, young, ambitious team, and use of modern technology with constant improvement and acquisition of new knowledge are the basic assets of our company.

From the very creation of the embroidery program, through the preparation of the work and the production itself, the greatest attention is paid to the quality products, by which we have long been recognized.

In 2007, we became the agents of two parts of Indorama Corporation, Indonesia's leading manufacturer of various industrial products.

Indorama Synthetics is a polyester manufacturing IC and one of the largest polyester manufacturers in Indonesia with a total production capacity of 280,000 tonnes per year.

Indorama Kokand Textile is guided by the most advanced technology in cotton production using machines and equipment from Europe and Japan and is the first facility in Central Asia to produce 100% combed cotton.


Main activity of Jacquard d.o.o. is the weaving of labels, emblems, flags ... But our entire range also includes hat caps, woolen hats and T-shirts of our own High Quality brand, as well as applying our woven products to them.


In our weaving facility, only high-end machines from the leading Swiss manufacturer Muller are exclusively available. Our team goes through their education. Only 100% polyester yarn is used in the weaving.

FABRIC TREATMENT (gluing, printing, cutting, sewing)

Depending on the needs of our parties, the fabrics are just cut or further stiffened to give the desired finishing edge.


Then in our sewing machine they apply to the selected product.


Jacquard d.o.o. he uses modern machines and new technologies in his work. We regularly follow the developments in the textile industry in Croatia and worldwide.

But besides woven products, we also offer a stitch (machine embroidery) or print.

Our goal is to present your logo or design on everyday objects, whether it be uniforms for your employees, sports equipment with a prominent coat of arms of your sports club, or business gifts that turn generic pillows, caps or towels with our heels into special and unique.

We also offer T-shirts, hats, woolen or fleece hats.