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On our looms we have many years of weaving experience: emblems, labels, flags, pendants, ribbons ...

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The weaving process is done using fast, automatic weaving machines. With loaded designs, the loom interweaves two rows of thin and durable 100% polyester threads, at right angles across the width of the machine. Unlike embroidered (stitched) products tha


Also, unlike embroidered products, due to the properties of fine threads, it is possible to produce much more complex details, finer text or even gradients.

The price of the product is mostly influenced by the size and quantity, and in very rare, more complicated designs by the number of colors.

The maximum width of the product is determined by the width of the machine, and is twenty centimeters on black machines, twelve centimeters on white machines. The height is arbitrary.

Whether it will be woven on a machine with a black base or on a machine with a white base depends on your design. If dark colors predominate the black base goes, if they are mostly light colors the white base goes.

After the weaving process, the products can be finished by choosing a substrate; thermofoil (in this way they are applied to the products with a thermal press), interlining (non-woven textiles, in this way they are sewn on to the products) or velcro (Velcro, non-woven backing).

Products can be cut into simple or complicated shapes using a laser or hot knife. In the case of labels they may be with or without ironed edges. An end edge can also be added to the emblems, as a finishing touch.

They can also be in double-sided format, and can be equipped with additional features such as badges or key fobs.

We also offer the service of sewing emblems or labels on clothing, bags, towels ...

100% polyester yarn

 Without base fabric

 Flexible and lightweight

 Smooth texture

 Fine details and fine text

 Various shapes and dimensions

 Different substrates

 Press or sew application



We make woven labels, emblems, flags, pendants and ribbons on all promotional items, with the application of sewing or gluing.



We make machine embroidery directly on all positions of promotional items.



We print in appropriate techniques on all promotional items.

Popular products

Textile labels

Textile labels

Textile labels are presented worldwide as stickers that have a certain logo on them and contain characteristics related to the product being labelled.



The word "emblem" means that the logo of companies, associations, sports clubs, etc. is located in a coat of arms

Table flags

Table flags

For our clients we make various table flags of foreign countries, UN, NATO, EU, veterans and other associations, fire brigades, clubs, companies, etc



Pendants are hung on essentials such as keys, bottle openers, small lamps.

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