We have years of weaving experience on our looms: emblem, label, flags, pendants, ribbons ...

The weaving process is done using fast, automatic weaving machines. With the designs loaded, weaving machine interweaves two sets of thin and durable 100% polyester threads at right angles across the width of the machine. Without a basic material layer, these products are much lighter, more customizable and unique uniform surface, with a smooth woven texture.

Also, unlike embroidered products, due to the properties of fine filaments, it is possible to produce a lot more complex details, finer text, or even gradients. The price of a product is most influenced by the size and quantity, and in the very rare, more complicated ones designs and number of colors.

The maximum width of the product is determined by the width of the machine, and is twenty inches at black machines, twelve inches on white machines. The height is arbitrary. Whether it will be woven on a machine with a black base or on a machine with a white base depends on yours design. If dark colors predominate go black base, if mostly light colors go white base.

After the weaving process, the products can be finished with the choice of substrate; thermophilia (thus thermal prints are further applied to the products), flizelin (non-woven textile, thus sew on products) or Velcro (Velcro, non-woven substrate).

Products can be cut into simple or complicated shapes using a laser or hot knife. In the case of labels, they may be with or without iron edges. It can also be added endlane edge on emblems, as a finishing touch. They can also be in two-sided format, and may be equipped with additional features such as badges or key chains.

We also offer the service of sewing emblems or labels on garments, bags, towels ...

  • The ability to print different designs on one sheet
  • We can print your company logo, promotional slogan, photo, text, drawing and similar
  • Fine details, sharp edges, color of T-shirt (material) as desired (light, colored or dark)
  • With color sublimation problems block color printability
  • Possibility of our or your thermal spray
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